Sacred Economy

Though it is not possible for us to get out of money based economy altogether, at least for now, we love the concept of a sacred economy or a gift economy. (Of course we do! We don’t have much money, you see.) We feel it is a simpler, more sustainable mode that does not depend on interest and usury and gives a person her worth of hard work.

So while we are travelling, we would want to do volunteer work for you.  Teaching, helping you with your home stay/cafe, farming, cooking, sustainable eco-architecture, compost toilets …you get the drift? We wanted to add a lot of other things like  fishing in high seas, but we don’t want to make complete fools of ourselves. Basically, something that we find enriching and can truly help you too.

So if you have work which needs two sets of capable limbs and two decently functioning (and ever curious) minds; and are ready to give us food and shelter in lieu, do reach us at or

If you like what we have written in the blog, you can contact us for travel writing for your magazine, blogs or other publications.

We don’t have a conventional resume but can mail details. You can also check more about us here.

“Sacred Economics” is term coined by Charles Eisenstien and you can read more about it here. 


Your thoughts?

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