Meet the Bohemians

We are a mad couple who got out of the corporate made race and are set out to explore the country through volunteering, writing and other odd jobs. Meanwhile, we pick up life skills that B-schools didn’t teach us. What we do is here. And how we reached here is below – as it happened – decade by decade!

1983, we’re born in little known towns far apart from each other. He has an elder brother. She gets a younger one a little later.

The rest of the 1980s Was mostly spent learning to walk, talk, laugh, eat, play, chill, cuddle, dance and admire music, love and be loved and eventually to clean after ourselves… ahh… the bliss !

In the 1990s, our respective schools and surroundings shaped and influenced our self identities. He moved location twice to different scools in more far apart places.

Rest is still being penned! (We want to censor the unsavory stuff! No dirty linen here). Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Meet the Bohemians

  1. Hi Akanksha! Sorry it has taken so long to reply… wow on my first quick look at your blog… it really looks fantastic, what beautiful pics and so nice to see that we all have an eye and interest in similar things. Will take more time to browse your pages in the next delighted you will be heading to the himalayas, what an experience and wonderful that you will be taking your time while you are there. If you nees some info on a really wonderful home to stay at in Leh, drop me a mail. Any other questions fire away…
    thanks for your enthusiasm!
    Love your approach refreshing and open -minded approach!
    Will be in touch


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