Home Made Ice Cream Mania

Amongst the two of us, I am the one with a sweet tooth big enough for account for a whole army. And my waistline would verify that. But weight issues notwithstanding, I am having quite a luck with home-made ice-creams off-late.

Jeet and I have some recipes that we experimented with before we started travelling, and both of us are always keen to add new ones to our banks. Who knows, this may end up on the menu of our café someday. Recently added to the list are kesar-badam and gulab ice creams that we have had at various places in Bhuj and Ahmedabad.

Places worth mentioning are Gandhi Cold Drink in Bhatiyar Gali, Ahmedabad and Saifi Ice Creams in the local bazaar of Bhuj. There is another thela at the Hamirsagar lake at Bhuj which sells home made kulfis and I really hope to catch hold of this guy again to get some Ice Cream gyaan.

Image courtesy: http://lakshana-recipes.blogspot.in/


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