Travelling Together ke Side Effects

People around us invariably comment on the lifestyle we have chose with a mix of surprise, wonder, and sometimes awe. Having met a lot more sincere adventurers who are much more grounded and have much lesser footprints than us, I don’t let myself feel flattered.

Together in nothingness

Together in nothingness

But the next thing they compliment upon, and here I fall for it, is our companionship. It is so hard, they say, to get a partner who wants the same things and share your ideology. We both have been lucky and we are grateful for it. But the nuances of a relationship while on a bohemian experiment as ours go beyond just sharing an ideology.

Jeet and I talked about the side effects of living in such close quarters ALL the time, when we were planning for this. Both of us need a lot of space and in very different ways. With a corporate job, we got an inevitable 10 hour break from each other, sometimes more. And here we would be together for almost all hours. But all the talking in the world, couldn’t have prepared us for this.

It would be an understatement to say that we get on each other’s nerves. Tempers flare up for no reasons sometimes. It is nobody’s fault, really. For the first time in my life, I understood the term “Can’t live with, can’t live without!” 🙂

This first stint was a test in so many ways. Will be able to adjust in a slow life? Will we sustain financially? What, now, is luxury and what is necessary? But it was also a test of our friendship. We are no regular couple. Our social settings keep on changing and the only constant thing is each other.

We have learnt so much about the other and have made provisions for temper, space and irrationality. And it is not a smooth learning curve. It is a constant adventure but one that is the most satisfying. Like a good trek, it exhilarates you, helps you meditate and gives you beautiful sights and sounds. But like any trek worth its salt, it exhausts you and sometimes makes you curse the moment you decided to undertake it. However, it is all worth the climb once you reach the peak and lie there, spent and in utter awe of the view.

Funny as it may sound, both of us love this challenging trek and none of us want to bow out of the arrangement. And for this reason, if nothing else, I think I am in love with my husband all over again!

PS: Another side effect of travelling with just him to remote places is that we don’t really have many clicks together. Here is one together in shadows!!

Akanksha's birthday breakfast


7 responses to “Travelling Together ke Side Effects

  1. a different way to live life …i never experienced might be better than others….biggest role i guess is the solid bonding between you champs


    • Whatever photographs we have of “us” are either selfies or through timer…but I guess we are just lazy to go through the timer set up everytime.I know I am! 🙂


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