A Study in Unencumbered Hospitality

Anyone who has researched even for few minutes about Kutch tourism on the internet would have come across the Devpur Homestay and Mr. Krutharthsinh Jadeja. He is, as tripadvisor calls him, a destination expert for Kutch and a highly knowledgeable person. The homestay is a heritage house of the Jadeja family for generations and is truly remarkable in its authenticity.

Maharani of Devpur

Jeet with Mrs. Yashodhara Jadeja

It was our good fortune that we approached Krutarth sir for volunteering and that he accepted. Although our volunteer work is more or less restricted to the WhiteEaglesSchool (located inside the darbargarh), our evening meals with the family and the homestay guests is a cherished time of the day. The way the guests mingle with the family is a study in itself for someone interested in hospitality business.

& Inviting.

Festive and inviting – dinnertime tinkling

Here, the professionalism and the promptness aren’t coated with phony servility or business jargons. Everyone is as natural and informal as they can be and you simply feel you are staying at one of your friends’. Of course, it helps that the friend has a beautiful home with open spaces, history and architectural aesthetics.

after homework

after homework – Padmini, their sweet little daughter in her favorite chair

The dinner-time conversations invariably start with the guests recounting their experiences of the day or their trip followed by comments and anecdotes from Mr. Jadeja. During the 6+ weeks of dining with them, we have seen discussions ranging from pitfalls of tourism, waste management, plastic ridden tourist spots, eco-living, consumerism, Kutchi history, alternate living, politics to family jokes and personal anecdotes. It is like being in a very participative and intellectually stimulating talk show every night.

Liveliest Conversations with Thakore Saheb

Liveliest Conversations with Thakore Saheb

And all of this happens around the sumptuous food that we still haven’t gotten tired of. The age-old tradition of bonding over food is what you can see happening in the dining room night after night.


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