Our Lovable Spooky home!

We finally moved into our home for next 8 weeks. It is a pavilion house owned by our hosts and is in the middle of the school playfield. The first thing that struck us when we laid our eyes on it was the openness of its surrounding. We are surrounded by nothing but fields. We get electricity for 8 hours a day and no regular water supply. This is going to be fun!!


The house is too-furnished for us – the previous occupants left in a jiffy and their stuff is still to be shipped back. We just occupy the room at the first floor, adjoining the terrace; and occasionally use the kitchen.

of the VIBGYOR Sunset

of the VIBGYOR Sunset

Our daily ritual

Our daily ritual

The terrace offers the best sunsets in the entire village and we sleep to the sound of raging winds. It’s like camping. Our meals are with our hosts but we make chai and coffee on the camp stove we have. The fields provide a free and unlimited supply of cow dung and twigs for fuel. It is a cosy little adventurous place.

Beautiful beehive at the turn of our staircase

Beautiful beehive at the turn of our staircase

Although sometimes, this place feels spooky. And I am not referring to it being a secluded building. There is something eerie about the place even on the inside. A family of bats in attic and a beehive on the staircase do add to the overall feel!!There are times I have felt something – can’t put a name to it. And I wish I could talk to the past occupants about their experience. Hoping to discover more.


Your thoughts?

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